Taiwan taxi fare

choose (A)by address or (B)by kilometerto culculate

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Enter the number of kilometers= KM

Enter the number of dwell time(Stop the red light,Traffic jam ,or Less than 5km/hr speed) Min


Estimated fare for Taipei City台北is
nighe meter:22:00~06:00 $20 plus

Depending on the time of boarding 6 AM to10PM ☛Base fare: NT$70(for first 1.25KM)
☛Rate: NT$5 (per 200m)
☛Waiting time:NT $5(per 100sec.)
10 PM to 6AM ☛1.Same rate as above
☛2.An additional charge of NT$20 per trip

Estimated fare for Taichung City台中is

>nighe meter:23:00~06:00 $20 plus

Estimated fare forKaohsiung City高雄is

nighe meter:23:00~06:00 20% plus

Estimated fare forYilan County宜蘭is

nighe meter:23:00~06:00 $20 plus

Estimated fare forTaoyuan County桃園is

nighe meter(all day): $20 plus

Estimated fare forHsinchu County新竹苗栗is

nighe meter:23:00~06:00: $20 plus

Estimated fare forTaichung County台中is

nighe meter:23:00~06:00: 20% plus

Estimated fare forChanghua County彰化is

nighe meter:23:00~06:00: 20% plus

Estimated fare forChiayi County嘉義出租车资如下

nighe meter:22:00~06:00: 20% plus

Estimated fare forTainan City台南is

nighe meter:22:00~06:00: 20% plus


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